European Parliament calls for 30% renewable energy target in 2030
European Parliament calls for 30% renewable energy target in 2030
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[에너지신문] 29 June 2016 - The European Parliament has voted for a non-legislative resolution calling for increasing the current 27% of renewable energy in final consumption by 2030 to 30%. The European Parliament Members (MEPs) asked for using all existing funding schemes effectively, to ensure access to capital to achieving the current 20% renewables target by 2020.

Meanwhile, the MEPs reiterated their previous calls "for a 40% energy efficiency target for 2030". MEPs consider that consumers should play a more decisive role in achieving energy efficiency targets, e.g. by refurbishing buildings and through district heating and cooling schemes, and advocate setting specific energy efficiency targets for residential buildings.

MEPs asked for that the upcoming review of the Renewable Energy Directive foresees measures to promote and encourage investments in the self-generation and self-consumption systems. MEPs call on the EU to invest more in information and support programmes in the member states that could help to raise participation in current local energy efficiency schemes, and to promote new technical developments in areas such as refrigerants, lighting, insulation, etc.


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