OPGC and OHPC join force in coal mining in Odisha (India)
OPGC and OHPC join force in coal mining in Odisha (India)
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[에너지신문] 26 April 2016 - The Odisha Power Generation Company Limited (OPGC) and Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Limited (OHPC) have agreed to create a joint venture to develop and operate two coal blocks, Manoharpur and dip-side Manoharpur, in Odisha (India).

The new company, named Odisha Coal and Power Limited (OCPL, 51% PGGC and 49% OHPC), will operate the coal blocks, whose reserves are estimated at 531 Mt (181 MW at Manoharpur and 350 MW at Manoharpur). The project has already secured major permits, clearances and regulatory approvals (including environment and forest clearance). Production will start at a pace of 8 Mt/year, to supply four 660 MW units at the Ib thermal power plant; production will be ramped up to 15 Mt/year when two additional units are commissioned.


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