Japan restarts its third nuclear reactor, Takahama-3
Japan restarts its third nuclear reactor, Takahama-3
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[에너지신문] 01 February 2016 - Kansai Electric Power Company (Kansai Electric, KEPCO) has restarted the third unit of its Takahama nuclear power plant in the Fukui prefecture (Japan). With this restart, Japan has now three operational nuclear reactors, including 890 MW Sendai-1 and Sendai-2 (restarted in August and October 2015).

The 830 MW reactors 3 and 4 had been allowed by the city of Takahama to resume operations in December 2015. They were commissioned in 1985 and stopped in 2011 in the wake of the Fukushima disaster and KEPCO applied with the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) in July 2013. The NRA approved a restart in February 2015, that was blocked by the Fukui District Court in April 2015 due to safety concerns about local evacuations in the event of a disaster.


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